Supplies and Parts

Parts, Tools, and Supplies

Since a lot of supplies for our classes, 211, 262, 311, 346, 347, 490A, 490B etc… are common, I’ve put this page together to give some sources and ideas for assembling your own parts.

Lab and Test equipment like Soldering Irons, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers have their own dedicated pages.

Online is not the only location, JK Electronics located in Westminster is a great source of parts especially at those last minute times when you need something specific that you couldn’t find an amazon/ebay special for….

Resistor Assortment of 1/4 watt, Various Values


All the different values of resistors you would need on strips of cut-tape in bulk. Not the most convenient packaging. But they work, you can also find kits with nice bags all marked with the values.

Amazon – Guanruixin Resistor Kit

Capacitor Kit – Assorted Values

An assortment of of different valued Electrolytic and Ceramic Capacitors is good to have available

Amazon – Ceramic Capacitor Kit 100nF to 10uF

Amazon – Electrolytic Capacitor Kit 0.1uF to 1000uF

These are just two links that I found for two kits that cover 99% of the capacitance values you would want for any future electronics projects. You could always split up these kits 2 or 3 ways with other students to go cheaper. You can always find a better assortment by searching amazon or looking at ebay, or you can just buy them in smaller quantities at specific values from a electronics store retailer like JK Electronics or possibly Radio Shack if they still exist.

Wire Strippers


I like the Greenlee’s but any wire strippers will get the job done. Wires come in many different diameters (Gauges/AWG).  I prefer the strippers that work on the range of 30-20 AWG, as I find these to be the most useful for the gauges of wire that we work with…

Amazon – Greenlee Wire Strippers

Side Cutters / Flush Cutters / Wire Cutters


Although you can use the above wire strippers to cut wire, being able to snip wire close to a prototype or reach into small places is invaluable. I like these as they are cheap and hold up well.

Amazon – Wire Cutters

Oscilloscope Probes and Function Generator Cables


In the lab we have oscilloscopes provided on the bench but they do not have the probes that are necessary, you will have to provide your own


Amazon – Oscilloscope Probes

Other Project Parts

This section has not been updated in a few years, I’m just keeping it around for ideas.

Ranging Sensor – GP2Y0A41SK0F – 4cm – 30cm Distance – Analog Voltage


Digikey – GP2Y0A41SK0F

Analog Digital Converter – ADC0804


Digikey – ADC0804

Mosfet – IRL510PBF N-Channel Logic Level

MFG_TO220AB Package_tmb

Digikey – IRL510PBF

Other Sources: JK Electronics

Potentiometer – 10k – Variable Resistor


Geared Motor with Tire/Wheel Ideas

A motor in the 3-6v range should work well. Also, pay attention to the RPMs. How fast do you want your line follower to go? What about current draw? You might have to measure the current under normal operating conditions to get an idea of how to build the driver circuitry.


Amazon – Geared Motor and Wheel Pair

Amazon – Geared Motor and Wheel – Single

Sparkfun – Robotics Section

Other Sources include Radio Shack and JK Electronics

Sensor Ideas –

Photocell, CdS Cell (Cadmium Sulfate) – A variable resistor that changes based off of light.


Sparkfun – Mini Photocell

Radio Shack, JK Electronics

Phototransistor – A transistor whose base is light-sensitive and controls the Collector/Emitter Current.


Radioshack, JK Electronics